• is the closest thing I have to flying.
  • the closest feeling of freedom I can ever hope to achieve.
  • makes me feel alive.
  • is a bond that can’t be broken once welded.
  • is a form of art beautifully crafted.
  • is a gift.
  • is everything.

can’t take this post seriously due to the source.

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holisticwatermelon: Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it. Boom. :D

i hope five will work ten is asking a lot. ;)

1) I’m beginning to be pleased with my body

2) I just got accepted to FIU!

3) I was born in Miami

4) My dad’s a marine

5) I’m an eighth level black belt

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When people say running isn’t a real sport




for me it’s more like

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so how about regionals and prom are on the same day…… no.

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track season started. I’ve placed first in every try out so far. its pretty motivating haha. also, i’ll be testing for my eighth level black belt in March. And I got into FIU!!! so freaking excited. senior year is coming together pretty damn well.

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do you ever wish you could unread a book or unwatch a movie/tv show just so you could go back and experience it all again as if it were brand new

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